Your jewellery is precious and deserves the best of care to ensure lasting pleasure.


  • Wear and enjoy your jewellery responsibly.
  • Keep your jewellery clean.
  • Periodlicaly have your jewellery professionally checked.


  • Wear your rings whilst washing up.  Metal can be scratched and stones damaged (Diamonds also attract grease and look dull).
  • Wear your jewellery when doing housework, some chemicals can cause damage to your jewellery (e.g bleach will often cause silver to turn black).
  • Wear your jewellery when gardening, decorating or when carrying out any heavy or strenuos work.
  • Jumble all your jewellery together.  Metal can be scatched and stones damaged.  Chains can get knotted together and any hollow items such as bangles can be dented.
  • Spray perfume onto your jewellery, especially pearls as it can damage the surface.  Put your perfume on first and ensure it is dry before putting on your jewellery.

Take Care:-

  • When wearing jewellery on the beach, sand is hard enough to scratch silver, gold and platinum.
  • When wearing jewellery in a swimming pool, the edge of the pool is often rough to stop people slipping, this will scatch your rings.
  • A good guideline is if you wouldnt do it with your best clothes on don't do it with your jewellery on.  
  • Remember jewellery can break and get damaged if not cared for properly, no matter how much you have paid it.  For instance the claws on a ring can be less than one millimetre in diameter, these can be easliy damaged if subjected to the pressure and weight the human frame is capable of.

White Gold

There has been an increasing popularity of white metal in jewellery and with this more instances of people experiencing discolouration.  Why does this happen?

  • Gold only naturally occurs in yellow.  Metals such as silver and palladium are added giving the gold a near white colour.
  • Items are then Rhodium plated to give a very bright white finish.
  • When the plating wares the underlying colour may show through.

This is mainly seen on the backs of rings as they are frequently in contact with other media.  By following some of the tips above will help lengthen the life of the plating.